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Sprinkler System Leak Repair Tips

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

If you want to drive up your home's market value, your yard’s condition says a lot about how well your property is taken care of. A sprinkler system leak can adversely affect the state of your landscaping and curb appeal and cause uneven grass growth and soil erosion.

To make sure your yard is in safe hands, let the pros handle the irrigation issues. Here at Aaric’s Irrigation Repair & Landscaping, we have 25+ years of experience in the Greenville area offering services like sprinkler system leak repair. Call us at 864-607-9021.

To know how to detect and repair a sprinkler system that’s leaking, keep reading!

Check Your Irrigation Controller and Valve Boxes

Sometimes, a controller that’s been reset to factory settings leads to much more water use, causing water pressure issues. Check to see if your controller has the correct settings and adjust them if need be.

In addition, valve boxes should always be dry to protect the valves from corrosion and wear. If one of the boxes is flooded, the leak you’re looking for could be nearby.

Check Sprinkler Heads for Damage

If you notice a sprinkler head dripping long after you’ve turned it off, it might be damaged. This could happen if it’s sticking far above ground level, causing it to be in the lawn mower’s way.

You might also notice the area around the sprinkler that’s supposed to be covered isn’t as green as it should be. That’s usually due to the lower water pressure because of the leak.

Check for Signs of Irregular Irrigation

A fully functional sprinkler system waters the landscape evenly. So, finding a flooded spot or a dry patch is a sign there’s a leak or malfunction in an underground pipe.

While dry patches are easy to detect, flooded areas could look like a puddle, or just have taller, darker grass. Survey your yard to find any anomalies when it comes to irrigation.

Replace Broken Piping and Fix Loose Joints

If you successfully find the source of the leak, it’s time to dig out the cause and replace it if necessary. The work is labor intensive but isn’t impossible. That said, locating the exact spot of the leak can prove to be the most challenging part of the whole operation.

There are leak detection toolkits on the market today that help you locate the exact position of the sprinkler system leak to minimize damage to your yard. However, these are usually expensive and require some finesse, so only professionals buy and learn how to navigate them.

Call a Professional to Repair the Sprinkler System Leak

To save yourself the trouble, you should hire a professional to handle the sprinkler system leak without turning your yard upside down. An expert has the know-how and tools necessary to do the job in a fast and efficient manner, saving you money, time, and effort in the process.

Your Smartest Option

For Greenville, SC residents, contact our experts at Aaric’s Irrigation Repair & Landscaping if you face any irrigation issues. Detecting and repairing sprinkler system leaks is one of the many landscaping services we specialize in. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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