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Residential Irrigation Repair

Irrigation Repair For Home Landscaping Systems

A lush, green yard is the ultimate goal of any landscaping system. That said, patchy areas of bone-dry grass and others where puddles are formed signal an issue with the irrigation. That’s why you should figure out what went wrong and take care of it, or better yet, call a professional home irrigation service!

Here at Aaric’s Irrigation & Landscaping, we have 25+ years of experience in the Greenville area offering services of lawn irrigation installation and repair for home landscaping irrigation systems. If you have any issues, call us at 864-607-9021.

So, let’s dive in to find out what can go wrong with your irrigation system and how to spot the issue before it becomes worse.

Damaged/Clogged Head

The endpoint of any irrigation system is the sprinkler. It’s also the part most likely to malfunction due to its location above ground where it can be bumped by your lawn mower or buried under soil and grass clippings.

If you notice one of the heads is not working, there’s a huge chance it’s either damaged or clogged. You can find out whether the sprinkler is functional or broken by taking it apart.

All you have to do is dig around the riser and unscrew the head of the sprinkler and inspect it for signs of damage. If none can be found, you just need to take the top and canister apart, give them a rinse, then put them back together.

System Leaks

Irrigation system leaks can happen when the piping comes apart underground or a sprinkler head comes loose. You can find out where the area of the leak is by checking for a damp patch or a puddle.

Dealing with a sprinkler system leak can be tricky because addressing it requires digging up long stretches of your yard. If not done professionally, you could waste so much time, energy, and money trying to find the issue and repair it.

Crushed Pipe

If your irrigation system piping runs near tree roots, chances are one of the pipes got caught and crushed by it, causing the irrigation problem. Unless you’re certain where the broken pipe is, it’s best to let a pro handle this.

Electrical Issues

Sometimes, the piping, sprinkler heads, and water supply are in tip-top shape, but the yard still suffers from dry patches and uneven watering. If that’s the case, you might have a problem with the electrical components of your irrigation system.

Issues with the controller could prevent some areas from turning on. Moreover, a broken solenoid, broken or worn wires, and insufficient valve box waterproofing could all cause system malfunctions.

You can test these issues at the sprinkler system’s valve boxes. However, fixing them might require a professional aware of the ins and outs of the electrical components of the system.

Your Smartest Option

If you live in the Greenville, SC area, contact the experts at Aaric’s Irrigation Repair & Landscaping when in need of a residential irrigation repair. We can find the issues that require handling in your irrigation system and address them before they spell trouble for your yard or your home.

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